Travel to China with Phoebe Xu


Phoebe Xu enjoys luxury hotels, banquets with lots of tasty selections, and varied activities every day. If you do also, you should contact Phoebe about her tours.

For example, Ms. Xu's standard tours include modern four and five star hotels with the Western-syle amenities and service to which Americans are accustomed. Also, Ms. Xu's Chinese support staff keeps her apprised of the many newly built hotels along the coastal regions that may not be available to solo travelers or other tours.

Ms. Xu's standard tours include three meals daily. Breakfasts are at the hotel and include an American-style choice of eggs, bacon or sausage, cereals, breads and juices in buffet-style. Local style breakfast buffets are also available at the hotel. Ms. Xu pays special attention to select unique restaurants for lunch and dinner. Among the many considerations for restaurant selection, Ms. Xu picks restaurants for special ambience, whether in gardens, near rivers, or in the case of Shanghai, perhaps a restaurant in a historical hotel or a restaurant where the waiters wear roller skates!

Ms. Xu is fully aware of American tastes, and while tour members have the opportunity to experiment, reliable favorites are always available. Also, Ms. Xu does her best to accomodate special requests.

Meals are special occasions for the Chinese people. In contrast to the American penchant for 'fast food' and rushed table sittings, the Chinese take their time and experience the social aspect of meals.

Visit China with Phoebe and enjoy the dining experience!

All of Ms. Xu's tours include her personal attention for full days of activities. For example, Ms. Xu takes her groups to the Forbidden City and the Great Wall in Beijing. Ms. Xu's tours to Suzhou include gardens, a silk factory, and a fashion show. Her tours to Hangzhou include an afternoon at a tea plantation. Tours to Shanghai always include a stroll along Nanjing Road. Ms. Xu is always present and available for questions and to share her insight or to advise when haggling with local merchants for silk products, jade, pearls, tea, or the many other consumer products available in China.

Ms. Xu does her best to calibrate the activities on her tours to the interests of her members. For example, a river ride on the Wampua River along the Bund in Shanghai might be of interest to one group but not to another. Also, sometimes activities are available only at certain times. For example, a local parade full of color and acrobats at Tiger Hill in Suzhou may be available one year but not another.

Every tour is unique and members can be assured of full days of many memorable activities as Phoebe Xu shares her China with all!