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International Customs and Immigrations: As international travelers, everyone will be required to clear customs before being granted entrance into China. The importation of the following articles is prohibited: arms, ammunition, explosives, pornography, narcotics, animals, plants, and meats. Returning home, we will also pass through U.S. Customs and they prohibit roughly the same. They also prohibit the importation of ivory. $800 worth of goods is permitted duty free.

Money Issues: Expenses, Currency Exchange, Credit Cards, ATMs: Most tour-related expenses are paid before you depart. Please refer to the terms and conditions window. U.S. dollars must be exchanged for local Chinese currency for most purchases. U.S. dollar traveler`s checks are the recommended form of currency. Cash or traveler`s checks can easily be exchanged at all the hotels we use. Major credit cards are becoming more widely accepted and can be used at most hotels and many of the gift shops, department stores, and specialty shops. Cirrus compatible ATM machines can now be found in Shanghai and Beijing; however, they are not yet easy to find and you should not rely on your ATM cards while in China.

Medical and Health Issues: As with all international travel, tour participants should be in good health. If you have any doubt about your ability to travel internationally, please consult your doctor. We recommend you check with your health insurance company to see if you will be covered in China. Travel insurance is strongly recommended. If you suffer from any serious physical or mental conditions that may be of concern, you are obligated to disclose so before booking. We reserve the right to refuse anyone based on physical or mental conditions that would seriously interfere with our ability to run the group tour smoothly. Shots are not normally necessary for travel to China; however, to protect ourselves from a legal standpoint, we recommend you consult your health care professional and make your own decisions.

Hotels: All tour rates are based on double occupancy. Single rooms are available only when paying the additional single room supplement. Tour members are responsible for identifying their tour roommates at time of booking or must pay single room supplement. Roommate compatibility may influence the overall tour experience. We do not guarantee compatibility and highly recommend you feel comfortable with the person you will share a room with.

Meals: Three meals per day are included in the price of the tour. All breakfasts are included and are western buffet style in the hotels. You can expect eggs, bacon, potatoes, cereals, juices, coffee, fresh fruit, etc. Lunches are served in fine, clean local restaurants and are Chinese style. Dinners vary according to itinerary. Normally Chinese meals offer a variety of dishes including chicken, pork, beef, fish, soup, rice, many varieties of cooked vegetables, and fresh fruit. Local beer, soda, and tea are also served. Western food outlets such as McDonalds, KFC, and Pizza Hut are common in larger Chinese cities. Our hotels also feature western style restaurants and room service. We do our best to accommodate guests with special dietary needs. Please bring this to our attention prior to your departure.

Smoking: The tour coach is non-smoking, as are all China Eastern Air flights. Restaurants permit smoking; however, we are usually given our own section or room in the restaurants and we prefer our guests do not smoke in the immediate vicinity.

Communications: All rooms come with IDD direct dial telephone lines. You can dial the USA easily. AT&T has a direct English speaking operator that can be reached by dialing 10811 from any hotel room. China time is 15 hours ahead of US Pacific Time and 12 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Fax and Internet capabilities are available in the hotel business centers. Phone cards are available and recommended as less costly.

Clothing: Comfort is the key for clothing while traveling in China. Most important is a comfortable pair of shoes that you are used to. Light clothing of a comfortable fabric that you can wear in layers is a good idea.

Shopping: Phoebe Xu is not responsible for any purchases you make. After-sales correspondence must be between you and the vendor. Closely examine all purchases.

Weather: China is a very big country and weather can differ drastically depending on the region in which you are traveling. Beijing seldom sees much rain and normally stays dry and breezy. Shanghai sits on the South China Sea and benefits from the moderate waterfront temperatures; however, rain is a bit more common. Spring and fall are the best times to visit: the temperatures are moderate and rainfall is scarce throughout China.

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