Travel to China with Phoebe Xu


Ms. Xu knows that some families or groups may not be able to take one of her standard tours or may need special arrangements such as combining a China tour with a longer Asian tour or requiring connections with Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Mexico, or other places rather than Los Angeles.

Or perhaps, family groups or other groups would like to include a unique location in their China tour not typically visited such as Tibet, the Li River, the Jiuzhaigou Valley, Guilin, or other relatively remote, but pristine places.

Ms. Xu can do it!

In the past, Ms. Xu has helped groups with these types of special tour needs. With her personal knowledge of the travel industry and drawing upon her contacts in China, Ms. Xu can advise her clients about what is doable within the clients' time and cost constraints. Generally, however, special arrangements require additional cost, but Ms. Xu strives to achieve the best value possible by aiming for a seamless experience combining her China tour with the additional goals and objectives of her clients.

Contact Phoebe Xu with your unique travel requirements. Phoebe Xu can make it happen!


The Karst Hills near Guilin on the Li river. Are you adventurous? Phoebe Xu will take you here!


A Yangtze River cruise with a tour of Singapore? Call Phoebe!


Yangshou is a small, historic town of old lanes and lots of shopping opportunities peopled by an ancient ethnic minority. The distinctive cuisine is tasty. Visit nearby Moon Hill. Call Phoebe for details about how to combine this exotic destination with her standard tour.


Jiuzhaigou Valley, near Chengdu, is a giant park of waterfalls, lakes, spectacular landscapes, with ancient temples. This is a special destination for experienced travelers.



Tibet, the roof of the world, is forbidding, enchanting, and majestic. Only the hardiest, most experienced travelers should consider this destination. Call Phoebe for details!